Davidson Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine


Our Practice:

We provide comprehensive medical care for infants, children, teen and young adults. We are honored that you have entrusted your children's health to us and strive to earn that respect by providing individualized, personable and courteous medical care to your children. Our three Board-Certified physicians work from our new office that is open Mondays through Fridays. After office hours and on weekends, one of our physicians is always on call. We forward our phone lines to PRN Nursing, a specialized pediatric nursing triage service to handle our calls. Their specialty-trained nurses have been provided with our practice's individualized protocols to deal with common medical problems and can offer excellent advice for most problems to avoid any unnecessary ER or Urgent Care visits. Medical backup and support for these nurses is provided by our physicians, insuring coverage 365 days per year. These nurses are able to contact our physicians should the need arise.


Our physicians are all members of the Active Medical Staff at WFBH-Lexington Medical Center, our local hospital. They are also all members of the Pediatric Department at the hospital, having all served as Chairmen of that department in the past. We have strong relationships with our local specialists for any referrals that are necessary. Additionally, if pediatric-specific specialty service is ever needed outside of our community, we have an excellent working rapport with the Pediatric Specialty departments at Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. Dr. Timberlake has delivered Pediatric Grand Rounds on several occasions for them.


Our physicians are able to admit our patients to the local hospital if that need arises. While they do not attend patients in the newborn nursery, they are eager to see them once they have been discharged home. The "on call" pediatricians at the hospital will attend your child during this stay in the newborn nursery and report any problems or issues to our physcians. You should request that your child's newborn records be sent to our office during your child's nursery stay. The nursery staff will help you schedule your child's first visit after discharge with one of our pediatricians. If you have a son and desire to have him circumcised, we are very experienced in this area and will schedule this procedure to be done after your child's initial visit at our office after nursery discharge. We routinely do these up to one month of age.


We offer comprehensive Pediatric Care, including:


- Well Child Care and all needed Immunizations

- Daycare, Pre-School, & School Checkups

- Sports Checkups & Sports-related injuries

- College Checkups

- Influenza Vaccines (both Intramuscular Shots and FluMist nasal spray vaccinations)

- Routine Adolescent GYN care and management of Menstrual irregularities

- Sick visits

- ADD/ADHD consultations and medication management

- Injury and Accident care

- Consultation for Behavioral Issues

We a live in Lexington and Davidson County and support our community by our involvement in the many non-profits, schools, and supportive agencies that contribute to our community's well-being. During our first year of operations, we have supported:

Family Services of DC: "Davidson Doozie 10k"                                        Lexington Swim Club: "1st Annual Marlins Triathalon"

Communities in Schools of Lexington:                                                     Lexington Youth Theatre:

                 "Big Toy Day - August 2013"                                                                   2013 Summer Theatre Camp Experience

                 "Big Toy Day - August 2014"                                                                   Fall 2013 LYT Benefactor

                  Mentoring to several youths in the program                                         Spring 2014 LYT Benefactor

                  BackPack Program Sponsor                                                                   Fall 2014 LYT Sponsor

Lexington Civic Center: 2014 Summer Theatre Camp                                Lexington City Schools: Academic Excellence Club Sponsor

Grace Episcopal Church: Saturday Arts Event Sponsor (2014)                Lexington Farmers Market: 2014 Summer Community Sponsor

Lexington Senior High School Boosters: "Big Board Sponsor"               Lexington Kiwanis Club (County Fair): "Diaper Derby Sponsor"

We believe that actively supporting our community assists in allowing our Youth to have the best chance at a Healthy Life